Oxfam Unwrapped gives you the opportunity to purchase holiday gifts that will warm the hearts of your friends and family while helping those less fortunate. From live animals and fresh water wells to gifts that will go toward improving the lives of women in impoverished communities all over the world, there are dozens of holiday gift ideas to choose from. These charitable gifts will delight any member of your family from the youngest child to your wonderful grandparents.

$ 100
$ 105
$ 15
Dig a Well
$ 175
Dig a Well
$ 175
$ 120
$ 58
Safe Water
$ 22
$ 52
$ 100
$ 39

A Gift for Everyone on Your List

If you're looking for unique holiday gifts, Oxfam provides you with endless ideas for the individual, co-worker, group, or even your secret Santa project.

If you're fresh out of unique ideas, then why not give the gift of peace, education, or clean water? Our clever e-cards will make the recipient of your gift smile, and they will feel good knowing that the true spirit of the holiday—giving—has been extended to those who need it the most.

Instead of giving cheap, pre-wrapped holiday gifts for company gift exchanges, choose a gift from our extensive catalogue such as planted trees, organic gardens, and other items that will improve the quality of life in a developing country.

Teach Your Kids the Gift of Charity

In a world where gifts and commercialism are becoming more elaborate with each holiday and Christmas season, buying your children an Oxfam Unwrapped charitable gift will teach them about giving to those who are less fortunate.

Many of our gift ideas are affordable and will allow your children to learn about the world beyond their community. Giving charitable gifts is also fun with our cute and funny e-cards that explain how their gift was spent and how it will help those who are not as fortunate in other parts of the world. The holidays are a time for giving, and Oxfam Canada has charitable gift ideas for everyone on your list.

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