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Hi everyone,

This past semester I have been taking a globalization course that has been studying different world issues. The "bottom billion" is a concept that I have recently learned and have felt the need to do something about. It refers to the lack of media coverage and attention on world issues such as poverty, that countries in need are not receiving. Poverty is an on going issue that seems to be forgotten about, as the rest of the world lives in their privileged everyday life.

As my semester is coming to end and I am writing my final essay, I have come to the idea to create a donation page to help those in need. OXFAM donates all proceeds to those who are suffering from poverty and help bring awareness to this ongoing issue.

Help spread some holiday cheer for those who need it most. Merry Christmas!

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When: Monday, December 25, 2017

Event Name: The Christmas Gift

Group Organizer: Serina Pizzimenti
Amount Raised: $600.00
Fundraising Goal: $1000.00

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